Welcome to the world of natural variable acoustics!

SIAP Acoustics transforms any single purpose hall into a multifunctional hall that becomes optimal for any kind of performance with (un)amplified sound. Variable acoustics:

  • speech intelligibility
  • drama / play / operetta / chamber opera
  • opera / classical ballet
  • (un)amplified ensemble, eg jazz, world music, bands etc.
  • brass ensemble / fanfare / big band
  • chamber music / chamber orchestra (classical)
  • symphonic orchestra (classic)
  • vocal ensemble / choir / organ

Further applications:

  • Acoustic Atmosphere Enhancement (outdoor venues, stadiums, arenas, restaurants, sports halls, leisure venues etc.)
  • Surround effects (movie 5.1 / 7.1 / 9.1 / Atmos and musical / show )

The SIAP system can also be used in combination with the sound reinforcement system for a more comprehensive sound experience. And all this in a natural way, without the slightest trace of artificial acoustics.

The pioneering technology of SIAP results in fully variable – for each purpose of use optimally customizable – acoustics and ambiance enhancement.

Concert halls
Worship spaces
Rehearsal rooms
Home acoustics
Speech intelligibillity
Surround effects (Dolby)
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