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For who?

Audiences and artists have increasingly higher expectations regarding the sound quality of a performance or concert. After all, the technological developments are continuously progressing, which one experiences at home too. Think alone of the more and more use of surround sound in the own living environment (for example the home cinema). It’s “The Experience” that counts. And of course this must be “live” even beter, unsurpassed.

SIAP creates the optimum acoustic environment for audiences, artists, venue operators and technicians.

In short, SIAP is intended for theatres, concert halls, cultural centres, auditoria, arenas, stadiums, restaurants, outdoor venues, sports halls, leisure venues, rehearsal rooms, artist’s (home) studios, conference halls, museums, places of worship (churches, mosques, synagogues etc), jazz clubs and much others who want excellent acoustic and variable enhancement with the best optimalisation possible.

The SIAP system can for example be used for: Speech support (clear intelligibility, for drama) – Variable acoustics (Reverberation Time increase) – Congregational Enhancement (Worship Spaces) – Support of weak soloists (Reverberation Time increase with subtle amplification) – Completion of theatre sound (effects and surround reproduction, fill-in facility).