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What is electroacoustic? With electroacoustic is meant that the acoustic aspects and characteristics of a space can be supplemented and adjusted. Using equipment Systems and installations may be intended for display or strengthen speech and / or music . Think of a PA system, or to an ordinary audio system in a church or auditorium or on the surround sound system in living rooms or cinemas . In addition, electro- acoustics is part of the hall or room acoustics .

Another application is the complement of the acoustics , such as in an electronic manner , the reverberation time. This is called variable acoustics and is increasingly used in modern theaters, concert halls, auditoriums, cultural centers, rehearsal rooms, places of worship (churches, mosques), (home) studios of artists, jazz clubs , etc..

Example : a symphony requires acoustics other than a chamber orchestra , among other things because of the difference in volume . With variable acoustics both orchestras are in the same room to their right . Stage requires a good understanding, a good sounding musical amplified sound (voice, singing , orchestra) with sound effects.

With electro acoustics a hall or room can be decorated with the right (acoustic) systems to make it all come . Above applications into their own
Our consultancy in the field of electro – acoustics may consist of :

• designing a completely new sound reinforcement and / or securities (surround ) into a new or existing hall
• improve / optimize the performance of an existing sound system, etc.
• Writing a program of demands that enable a procurement

The combined and integrated electro-acoustic and expertise of our team members ensures optimal results.

Both fields are used and it is sharp given the best possible price / performance ratio.

Advisory work is carried out independently of the SIAP-system. As a SIAP system suitable (partial) solution can be this as a possibility discussed with the (potential) client.