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Theatre ‘t Speelhuis located in church building chooses SIAP!

The former Church in Helmond (Onze-Lieve Vrouwekerk) offered temporary housing for the burned theater ‘t Speelhuis (December, 29th, 2011) from 2013 until the end of April, 2017. Meanwhile, the final re-destination is in full swing and it is unique. The former church is a national monument and remains in its original state, that is, all facilities and additions (construction) to make a theater of this church are reversible. Originally, this church – equipped with a large organ – has a reverberation time of 5.0 seconds, which has been reduced to 1.1 second (theater acoustics) for the current theater goal. In order to be able to program versatility and provide the organ with the original reverberation time of 5.0 seconds, SIAP’s electronic variable acoustics has been chosen. In addition to variable acoustics for the stage, we implement variable acoustics for organ and install a speech enhancement system that is integral part of the acoustic system (during speech the acoustics will be reduced for better intelligibility). The opening date is provisionally scheduled for December 1, 2017. For photos: Lees meer

NH Kerk Wijk en Aalburg chooses SIAP!

The Dutch Reformed Church in Wijk and Aalburg has a completely new integrated solution for variable acoustics and speech amplification! Since 1972, the church has a fantastic beautiful organ. Over time, the acoustics of this centuries-old church have unfortunately been partially lost. (Building history, such as repair of war damage). Both the beautiful organ as well as the choir, instrumentalists and congregational singers were not optimally treated in their right(acoustically), sounding too “dry” due to lack of reverberation (1.0 sec at a full church). As a result, it is decided to “restore” the acoustics as best as possible, and once again all the musicians and communities get the fine (acoustic) experience that makes the visit to the church extra valuable. Various presets are made from which one can choose (1.5 – 2.0 – 3.0 – 4.0 and 5.0 seconds): to any customizable, which is, variable acoustics. However, the SIAP system installed here is much more than that: it is a system that provides high-quality voice enhancement, music playback and variable acoustics. The speech enhancement is an integral part of the installation. The beautiful and special is that speech amplification and SIAP acoustics go hand in hand. Simply put, this works like this: Read more Lees meer

The Deventer theater sound even better!

In week 12, the Deventer Municipal Theatre got their renewed SIAP system installed. After more than twenty years of reliable operation, the system is now acoustically and technically fully up to date. The renewed acoustic sounds very good indeed. Within a couple of weeks we will do a fine-tune session in conjunction with the “Stichting Kamermuziek Deventer” (Chamber Music Thrust). A special preset will be created for them which will result in an acoustic ambiance that suits the best for the type of music and the musicians combo on stage. Besides the 10 different acoustic presets (from 1.0 until 5.0 seconds reverberation time extension) there are “surround presets” available for a wide range of effects. To be continued…

Deventer Schouwburg chooses SIAP upgrade

Currently there is a lot of maintenance and renewal going on in the Deventer Schouwburg. The SIAP system will be refreshed after 20 years of loyal service and among other things we will install a new processor, microphones and control panel. Within a couple of weeks the system will be completely re-tuned and at the end of tuning we will have a special session for fine tuning, in cooperation with the Chamber Music Foundation Deventer.

SIAP make its début in Lithuania!

SIAP has successfully commissioned the comprehensive SIAP system and therewith optimized and enhanced the acoustics for the new “Palangos Koncertu Salé”! The hall is now equipped with variable acoustics which is fully interchangeable between 1.0 and 5.0 seconds, divided in 14 presets. During the last tuning days much local musicians joined the musical fine tuning sessions. Everybody was enthusiastic and experienced a very comfortable support from the acoustics. The spectators enjoyed obvisciously on the last day when there was a “brass band competition” which was organized to be approved by the committee of the European Brass Band Association. Lees meer

SIAP selected for prestigious project in Lithuania

Project : Palangos vasaros estrada, Palanga (Lithuania)
End of this year the newly built multipurpose theatre/concert hall will be opened in the lively is a busy sea-side resort of Palanga, with its famous Baltic Sea beach. This renewing architectural design replaces the old “Kurhaus”, which became too small. The seating capacity of the fan shaped auditorium is 2,500 distributed over the main floor (11-row stalls) and the 26-row balcony, plus a side-balcony left and right. All seats are oriented frontally to the stage for optimum sight lines. Only a small number of seats is under the modest balcony. The stage in accommodated in a stage house/fly tower. The natural acoustic of the auditorium is designed to achieve optimum conditions for amplified sound (speech and music) through a front-of-house sound reinforcement system (FOH). For the other – equally important – unamplified performances the SIAP system is selected to provide the variable acoustics for chamber music, opera, classical ballet, chamber orchestra, symphony orchestra and choir music, etc. In this prestigious project we are working intensively and exclusively with (loudspeakers from) L ‘Acoustics.

SIAP make its début in Scotland!

Since the first week of February The Byre Theatre in Scottish university town St. Andrews is full of enthusiasm and happiness. The first SIAP system in Scotland is commissioned and put into use. After a successful demonstration in the Amsterdam De La Mar Theatre for the university’s musical director and the concert administrator(August 2014), both well-trained musical listeners and performers as well (orchestra conductor, organist), the university gave the green light to purchase a SIAP system. Installation work and tuning the system took a total of only three weeks. Especially tuning – which included testing by a choice of critical professional musicians – was a very pleasant experience and progressed with highly acclaimed success. The theatre from itself has a very short Reverberation Time of 0.7 second which makes it only suitable for amplified performances and drama. After all it was built for that particular purpose in 2001. Lees meer

SIAP Mark IV installed in Theatre Agnietenhof Tiel!

As an integral part of the refurbishment of the highly appreciated theatre, a SIAP system is installed in October 2014. Thanks to the sophisticated acoustic working principle a well thought system design could be integrated in the architectural concept. The challenge (the request) was to create a system where no loudspeakers are placed in the beautiful new walls in the hall, in order not to affect the visual design. This is successfully done by mounting the speakers at specific angles (invisible in the ceiling) which nevertheless results in all proper aspects of spatial experience. The system is inaugurated 12th November with Bizet’s famous opera: The Pearl Fishers. The SIAP Opera Preset transformed the 850 seat main auditorium into a perfect opera house. During this tour the Tartarstan National Opera Company experienced in a significant number of theatres the positive contribution that a SIAP opera acoustic has on artists and audiences. Lees meer

Theatre De Agnietenhof chooses SIAP!

Theatre De Agnietenhof in the city of Tiel, The Netherlands, is undergoing substantial remodelling this summer and autumn; there will be a lot of changes which bring the Theatre even closer to their visitors. Obviously much attention is given to the acoustics since this aspect is an integral and important part of the total experience. The SIAP system design will provide musical and homogeneous sound image throughout the whole room. With variable acoustics SIAP supports speech intelligibility (unamplified stage performances – drama/play), acoustic performances (opera, chamber orchestra, symphonic orchestra (classic) (solo) concerts, weak soloists etc.). The system will also support Theatre and Film sound (Surround).

SIAP MARK IV installed in Theater aan de Parade!

In the first week of October the new SIAP system was installed in Theater aan de Parade in Den Bosch. In addition to all of the acoustic presets (from operetta 1.2 seconds to 4.0 seconds Big Church), the theatre is also equipped with voice support (speech intelligibility). An artist / speaker at the scene gets support when speaking. The artist / speaker experiences that the system “helps” which results in speaking easily with less effort. The voice is just “slightly lifted” but sounds faithfully and natural while maintaining localization. Lees meer