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SIAP system installation

Installing a system for electronic variable acoustics in a room is obvious customization.
Therefore SIAP first creates a system design and a corresponding quotation before the contract is awarded.


For a system design are usually no acoustic measurements needed. A drawing of the room and a qualitative description of the natural acoustics of the hall are usually sufficient. It is advisable to report known acoustic problems , so that account can be taken.

After acceptance of the quotation, the Mark V processor configured by SIAP for the specific hall. The processor is sent to a local installation company (or the home installer of the hall) , together with the control panel.

The installation company (or our subcontractor) place and install the microphones, speakers, cables, amplifiers, racks and connect it to the SIAP processor. The control panel is placed on the desired position.

The SIAP system will be tuned in three to four consecutive days by specialists of SIAP. The first day is devoted to visual and technical inspection of the installation work. The loudspeaker groups will be balanced that day as well. Then the actual objective adjustment starts: it is based on sound knowledge of acoustics, many measurements and includes equalization, loudspeaker balance, total and local loudness. The acoustic parameters of the room (initial measurement) are the basis for the adjustment and they stay the main foundation of the sound in the hall . SIAP typically uses its own equipment. For venues outside The Netherlands, the client is asked to place a loudspeaker on stage, acting as a sound source with corresponding power amplifier (s), microphone stands, audio cable, etc.

For fine tuning, (subjective adjustment), it is preferable to have one or two extra days with "live" music on stage. During these days, along with some listeners in the audience (eg the client, consultant, director, technicians, etc.) the SIAP presets can be heared and fine-tuned. The measured data and theoretical numbers are usually not adequate for what the human ear wants to hear and judges as "correct". With this final fine tuning acoustic presets are optimized in detail.

On the last day, an explanation about using the SIAP system will be presented and explained to the people that will operate the system.