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Acoustic Processor

Based on our experience, opinions of artists, sound engineers, acousticians and audio consultants, many advanced functionalities are integrated in the next generation of processors: the state-of-the-art SIAP Mark V processor (Mk V).

This processor offers, apart from many other characteristics, the following facilities:


Variable acoustic 0.1 seconds to 7.0 seconds reverberation, by filling in the missing and / or inadequate early and late (diffuse) reflections
Acoustics settings (presets) can be customized and saved by an elegant and intuitive 16:9 touch screen control panel individually by the user
Improving speech intelligibility, supporting weak soloists, film and sound effects (Surround 5.1 – 7.1 – 9.1). Consultants and sound engineers can now design and commission systems on their own. SIAP Acoustics has developed a training program for them to become a “SIAP Certified Designer”. SIAP Stune8 is the dedicated tuning software to facilitate these designers to tune SIAP systems themselves.
The powerfulness and design architecture of the SIAP Mk V processor includes evenversatile additional features and – essential for practical application – can be used simultaneously! Obviously, without any concessions, to the variable acoustics (reverberation enhancement process).