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Who are we?

With more than 50 installations worldwide, SIAP Acoustics B.V is a leading company in the field of variable acoustics, hall acoustics, electroacoustics and room acoustics.

We – the SIAP team – wish the world – everywhere and for everyone – the happiness and joy of the best possible music experience for the ear. The maximum delight in life with which music is interconnected. For us this drive is as simple as it is seemingly self-evident.

The SIAP fundament lays in our musical hearts. The team, lead by CEO’s Wim Prinssen and Reinout Gerlach, has a great passion for fine music, both in listening and performing. It’s a fundamental passion of life to combine our musical and technical talents to achieve the best possible experience of music. Translation of critical and analytical listening into acoustic architecture, results in uncompromized treatment of the music that we want to provide with optimum acoustic sound. This pure and honest principle – using only natural processes – creates a state-of-the art acoustic, that sounds like it should.


In 1988 a team of acousticians, dissatisfied with the commercially available (variable electronic acoustic) enhancement systems at that time, decided to develop a System for Improved Acoustic Performance (SIAP). SIAP provides a flexible electronic architecture approach which recognizes that each performance venue has its own individual architectural acoustic signature.

In 2017 (30 years later!) SIAP continues to set new standards…

SIAP welcomes you in the electronic acoustic architectural world of the 21st century!