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Acoustic Enhancement

The SIAP system enhances the acoustic of a hall for a single purpose and/or multipurpose use:

Single purpose SIAP acoustic enhancement can for example be improvement of the intelligibility of unamplified speech in a drama theatre or improvement of the acoustics for music in a concert hall, opera house or church.

Multipurpose SIAP acoustic enhancement makes the acoustic of a hall optimally adjustable to a wide range of purposes. For example the acoustic for music can be improved by enhancing the Reverberation Time, envelopment of the sound, spaciousness etc. of a hall that has insufficient reverberation for unamplified (classical) music: operetta, opera, ballet, recital, chamber music, chamber orchestra, symphony orchestra, choir, organ etc.: Variable Acoustics.

The SIAP system is unique because the reverberation which is generated by the processor to increase the reverberation time of an auditorium, is composed of sound reflections like in a real concert hall or opera theatre. In other words, SIAP reverberation is fully natural (contrary to artificial reverberation processors and/or acoustic feedback based systems which can sound unnatural or “amplified”). As a result of this natural process the SIAP system is patented worldwide.