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Variable acoustics

Many halls (theatres, concert halls, auditoria etc.) are designed for one specific purpose, for example drama, musical, opera, symphony orchestra etc. The acoustic requirements for all these purposes are (very) different, to a large extent even contradictory. As a consequence a hall can only be suited for a wide range of programming if the acoustic for each performance type is fully adjustable (active variable acoustics).

Drama requires good intelligibility, musicals a good quality amplified
sound (speech, singing, orchestra) and sound effects. In short, an experience that gives the spectator the feeling of being inside the performance.

Opera combines the demand of sufficient intelligibility of the singing with the fullness-of-tone that make vocal and orchestral music sound well. Classical music – whether chamber music, symphony orchestra or choir – requires spaciousness, envelopment of sound, reverberation etc.

The SIAP system is developed to create the desired natural acoustic for each purpose, starting from the acoustic characteristics the hall already possesses itself. For example a theatre or playhouse usually have an acoustic that is too “dry” for music, which means to say that the sound
has too little reverberation and spaciousness for that.

With SIAP you can turn every venue into a Concert Hall, Opera House,
Jazz Club, Cathedral or Congress Hall…