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SIAP is distinguished from other systems for variable acoustics by the unique characteristic that SIAP-reverberation is real reverberation. SIAP-acoustic is real acoustic enhancement! SIAP-acoustic is an integral part of the hall’s acoustic. It is not sound amplification nor is it a replacement for this. Read more…

The integral combination of the following unique characteristics is essential to achieve this:


SIAP generated Reverberation is composed of in a natural (digital) way made reflections. This means that reflections that evolve from early to late and diffuse reflections in natural acoustics, are created in a SIAP system like how they occur and exists in real nature. This is why we call it: real electronic acoustic architecture.

SIAP does not use recirculation of auditorium reverberation in the system. Recirculation does not exist in natural acoustics and would lead to undesired colouration...

SIAP creates “time constant” reverberation, as the result of which no wow and/or flutter can occur. “Time constant” means among other things that SIAP is “pianocompatible”. This in contrast to systems which employ “time variation”, whereby the generated “reflections” obtain up and down gliding pitch (continously varying pitch shift). “Time variation” – no matter how sophisticated and subtly it may be done - inevitably leads to a howling decay of string sound and a rather blurried decaying Reverberation. In natural acoustics such time variation fortunately does not exist. Musicians and critical listeners, in particular those with “absolute pitch hearing” appear to be extra sensitive for this.

SIAP’s natural process preserves the natural balance, the correct localization and the timbre of the sound sources on stage (instruments, singers, actors).

The Reverberation Time value set in the processor is – in each preset – equal to the desired Reverberation Time in the auditorium for the specific use. For example, a Reverberation Time of 2 seconds in the processor (for symphonic music), results in a measured Reverberation Time of that same 2 seconds in the auditorium itself.

SIAP – selfevidently – has no acoustic feedback problems: the SIAP process is inherently acoustically stable and colouration free.

The SIAP system is very user friendly. No specialist knowledge needs to be at hand to operate the SIAP system. A dedicated control panel (SIAP CP02) is used to choose between the acoustic presets (also wireless), for example: (unamplified) speech as in drama, operetta/light opera, grand opera/classical ballet, chamber music, non-classical unamplified ensemble, chamber orchestra, large orchestra, choir/vocal group. Simultaneously (surround) sound effects can be reproduced – with and/or without acoustic enhancement – and from all directions. In short, the SIAP system offers an unparallelled wide range of sound experiences!